RHI Custom-fabricated battery bus bars

RHI Electric Co., Ltd cut its teeth in the electrical connector manufacturing business with the production of battery bus bars and connectors. Over the years, we’ve mastered the i ...

Process parameters of PVC plastic

Cylinder temperature feeding area 30 ~ 50 ° (50 °)Area 1 140 ~ 160 ° (150 °)Zone 2 165 ~ 180 °(170 °)Zone 3 180 ~ 210 ° (190 °)District 4 180 ~ 210 ° (200 °)Zone 5 180 ~ 210 °(200 ...

What is silicone rubber insulation sheathed?

In our lives, silicone rubber wire sheath structure is simple, easy to install, can be reused, with the same type, high flexibility, long life, good insulation and other advantage ...

About Zhejiang RHI Electric New Energy

The new department of energy of Zhejiang RHI Electric Co.,Ltd, specializing in the production and sales of various types of T2 copper busbar, copper foil soft connection, braiding ...

Plastic Industry will be confronted with new challenges and opportunities

Since the opening of NPC &CPPCC, the news of new policy has been expected by a lot of people.As for plastic industry, the first key word is “reducing excess capacity” which has gr ...

China is considering making plans to ban the production of traditional energy cars gradually by deve

At an auto forum in Tianjin on Saturday, vice-Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Xin Guobin, revealed that authorities are now investigating the creation of a timeta ...

The perfermance of rubber and plastic product of us

All the company's products are comply with ROHS, REACH environmental standards, all products pass UL94v - 0 flame retardant test. Withstand voltage: 600 v Heat resistance: 200

Battery terminal covers - Competitive Product

Battery end protective cap is my one of the most competitive products in the company, in the domestic and international markets, have very strong competitiveness, welcome consulti ...

Vinyl end caps-Competitive Manufacturer

RHI company production from 1.5 mm to 600 mm round plastic end caps, complete varieties, good quality, factory direct sale, affordable, welcome to consult.

Dip Moulding Product Shows

RHI is the lead manufacturer of pvc dip moulding,here is part of our pvc dip moulding products.